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    HTML is the basic of Web Programming. Almost the entire work of web development begins with HTML. So if you want to learn Web designing then you must start practicing the concepts of HTML. Techno wave Global Studies provide best HTML classes, with live project exposures. Students get chance to work on bigger projects and they would be able to clear all their doubts.

    It is well known that Students learn with practice and Mistakes. So after giving proper coaching/training on HTML, we give projects to the students, so they can develop their skills and learn this Programming Language easily and effectively. With the help of advanced learning techniques and well-structured methodology, we are able to provide the superior coaching

    Training we are considered as Best HTML/DTML institute in Ludhiana as we provide tremendous opportunities of growth. We also offer Industrial Training in Ludhiana for students of B.Tech, Msc IT, BCA, Diploma and other Students with IT background.


     HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language
     HTML is also termed as web pages
     The intent of a web browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Fire fox, Safari) is to read HTML documents and demonstrate them as web pages.
     The browser does not put on view the HTML tags, but uses the tags to conclude how the content of the HTML page is to be accessible/displayed to the user.
     Dynamic HTML can consent to documents of web to look and act like desktop applications or multimedia productions.
     Dynamic HTML is a cooperative term for a grouping of new Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) tags and alternatives that will let you generate Web pages more animated and more approachable to user interface.
      Each heading on a Web page can be given name, characteristics of text style and color.
     Elements such as division or section, heading, paragraph, image, list all can be seen as an “object”.
     Netscape involves dynamic fonts as part of dynamic HTML
     Alteration of the tags and properties
     Overcome fear & Hesitation
     Real-time locating
     Various Dynamic fonts (Netscape Communicator)
     Different examples of dynamic HTML pages includes (1)Changing the color of a text heading (2) permit a user to “drag and drop” an image to another place on a Web page
     Binding of data (Internet Explorer)

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