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April 28, 2017
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IELTS Academic test dates

Ielts is an International English Language Testing System. It is designed to access the English proficiency standards of people who are planning to move overseas for higher education or for PR purposes. Million of people every year used to take this test to qualify them for immigration.

IELTS basically covers the whole concept of English including day to day conversation, general topic discussion and also covers the four basic modules which shows the standards of English being used by immigrants when once they moved to abroad.


It generally follows the four modules:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking

This test is generally designed by many Experts who are proficient in their field thus; it is accepted by many schools, universities and professional bodies of many countries. Around 2 million people have already taken this test.

There are two training methods of IELTS:

  • IELTS General
  • IELTS Academic

It totally depends on the need of people who wish to fly off keeping in minds their requirement. Now we discuss how to choose between two:

  • Study at university; undergraduate or post graduate level
  • To join some professional organization in English speaking country.
  • Train or study below degree level
  • Work or work related training
  • Emigrate to English speaking country.


IELTS basically has four modules from which three modules that are Reading, Writing and Listening are being taken on one day but the Speaking is covered within the two days or seven days depending on the test centers conducting tests.


No fail or pass in the test as it is designed to provide ranking called Bands in Ielts Test as which proves the capability of users taking this test. The Band generally ranges from 9 (excellent user) to 0 (not appeared for test)


The result remains valid for 2 years.


As per British council following are test dates for:

Academic: 48 days per year.

General: 24 days per year.

In India British council offers 38 centers for registration including Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai etc.

January 9A,G 11A 18A,G 25A
February 1A,G 13A 15A,G 22A
March 1A 8A,G 13A 15A,G
April 5A,G 12A 24A,G 26A
May 10A,G 15A 17A,G 24A
June 7A,G 19A 21A,G 28A
July 10A,G 12A 19A,G 26A
August 2A,G 9A 16A,G 21A
September 4A 6A 20A,G 27A
October 2A,G 11A 18A,G 25A
November 1A,G 8A 13A 22A,G
December 4A 6A,G 13A,G 20A

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