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April 28, 2017
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April 28, 2017
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Spoken English for House Wives, Ladies

English is a language which is being used worldwide. It is very important in every field and every step of life in school, college, working places and also in society. English is very significant in daily life.

Now we are giving a great chance to all the women to come forward and gear up with a new beginning of their lives by learning spoken English and they can improve their communication skills from Technowave global studies

The limits of your language are the limits of your world. So don’t bound yourself in such limits and start exploring yourself

We are having suitable and special batches for women who are interested in joining classes for developing their skills. All the women will get proper opportunity by exploring and by learning.

The training program has a lot of benefits. They are as follows:-

– Learn Basics
– Self esteem and self confidence
– Personality development
– Opportunity to interact
– Excellent communication skills
– They can help their children in studies
– Getting jobs
– Status in society
– Vocabulary
– Intellectual level
– Good fluency
– Gain knowledge
– Quality of Leadership
– Overcome hesitation
– Get rid of Stage fear
– Independent

And many more ……….

Adding to it there are Interactive sessions and activities for them to overcome their hesitation and stage fear. The teachers will give one to one interaction and also guide you how to work on your weak areas. To get more information about classes and course you just have to contact us.

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